Saturday, 19 July 2008

This is retarded

Haha, well one of the forums i've just started posting on said i had copied another artist by drawing a picture of a super deform style Iron Man flying and using his repulsor rays (and in all honesty, they do have a similar look and theme), so i thought i'd quickly bang out another quick picture of Iron Man doing something a bit different and not using his powers, this is what i came up with:

Truthfully, i like this one more than the first, haha, Iron Man isn't really a morning person :D

As always, heres a little of the process:

In other news, Halo training continued yesterday at breaking, and fuck me, if i didn't get the biggest, nastiest blister/scab on the top of me head from it, i'd take a picture and post it up, but goddamn, it freaks me out! Today was a hat day when i was outside in order not to scare little children from my deformed scalp... Read more ...

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tonari no Totoro

This ones a couple of months old, but i felt like sticking it up, i was sitting at my desk one night and thought "Man, i wish i could meet Totoro for reals", this, i guess, is the next best thing.

My Japanese mates are demanding i do an updated version with them in it as well, once i get some free time i think i will, might be a laugh :D
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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


[EDIT] A couple of things were pointed out about my Iron Man piece, so i quickly fixed him up, you can see the difference between this and the process picture below.

Wanted to do a little Iron Man fanart today, needed to unwind, Flash is giving me headaches and if it wasn't for todays training and this, i'd probably of put my fist through something!

Incidentally, Jonny helped me out and was teaching me Halo's, it was hype, gonna take a few weeks, but i'll get them!! :-D

Here's the process for anyone whose interested, rough sketch in Photoshop, initial base colours blocked in, then highlights to pull it all together. Read more ...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Test post

Just a quick post to see how you do this stuff... Read more ...