Saturday, 12 September 2009

This blog is dead...

So yeah, go to and follow my blog on there, much more interesting than this old Blogspot thing, i'm keeping it updated with my all my illustration, my diary comic and my own beat-em-up game i'm making using 2D Fighter Maker: "Roshambo"

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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fuck you Blogspot and your useless fucking tutorials!

Yo Paddy, i got the expandable post thing to work

Shame i don't have much else to say!


I can pop round tomorrow and show you how to set it up if you want?

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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

ZANGIEF!! My last image of 2008?

Well unless i get a sudden urge to sit in front of my computer during new years eve this is probably the last image i'm gonna get round to doing in 2008, weird.

Just started sketching onto a blank page in Photoshop, didn't have much of a plan, but after a while this started to form, Street Fighters very own Zangief, i like how he came out :D

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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Shadow of the POLARIS

For a friend of mine, Shadow of the Colossus fan art:

No process this time as i forgot to take snapshots of the progress, shame, it had some pretty big changes in parts.

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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Nintendo DS + Colors

This sounds just too good to be true, if you adapt the DS for homebrew software, you can actually use it as a portable digital painting device! Considering all you really need is a DS (£99) and the R4 DS (£20) to get the "Colors" software up and running. This sounds like a much cheaper alternative to buying a Wacom Cintiq 12WX which clocks in at about £550 ($999) and still requires a shit load of cables to plug it into the mains (so not all that portable if you're outside, or nowhere near an actual plug socket).

Now i realise that this software is not going to come anywhere close to the level of sophistication of Photoshop or Painter, but to be able to go anywhere and render up a quick digital painting sounds like a lot of fun to me!

I've been trying to decide which portable games system to get for a while now, i was thinking about purchasing a PSP, after reading about this though, there really is no contest >_< Read more ...

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Photoshop shortcuts fuck yeah

Now i first started using Photoshop in college, waaaay back in '96, which probably means we were running with version 3.0 (Tiger Mountain) or maybe 4.0 (Big Electric Cat) on the Power Mac 7600, which boasted a whole 16MB of RAM, a 132 Mhz processor and a whopping 1.2GB hard drive! The fucking thing would take five minutes to start up, and we could save multiple Photoshop files onto a single 120MB floppy disk, ahhh, them were the days...

Anyway, i'm getting off the subject here, thing is after all this time i'm still discovering new things about this program that blow me away, so here are a list of my favourite shortcuts that help make my digital world a better place:

  • CMD ALT Z: much better than the simple CMD Z which simply undoes the last action, it allows you to go all they way back through your history panel, which is fantastic for a messy bastard like me.
  • CMD SHIFT Z: partner in crime to the above shortcut, this will let you go forward through the history panel after you have gone back, these two shortcuts are indispensable to me now.
  • SPACE: I must use this button the most when working with Photoshop, it allows me to quickly drag the image to where ever i need it, and it's a much easier button to find on the keyboard than H (Hand Tool) is, when my mate Glynn (aka: Bacon / Darth Bacon / Solid Bacon) saw me flying around the document using this the first time he just about shit himself!
  • F: The first button i hit when starting a new document or loading up an image, you can skip through the various screen modes, i use the third choice "Full screen mode with menu bar" as it lets you define a custom colour for the background workspace (right click on the workspace area and select from the drop down menu that appears).
  • TAB: Fantastic for quickly uncluttering the workspace and viewing your image without all the tool, layer, navigation, history panels in the way.
  • CMD SPACE: Zoom in, need i say more?
  • ALT SPACE: Zoom out, like zoom in, only the opposite.
  • B: My weapon of choice, it's the mighty brush tool, i quickly bring up the brush palette by hitting right click anywhere in the workspace, which is a damn handy.
  • F5: When i quickly need to create a custom brush hitting this button gets that palette up nice and quick, but don't forget, after you have made that perfect custom brush make sure you save it into your custom brush presets for later!
  • NUMBER KEYS: Hitting one of these (or multiples) allows you to quickly change the opacity of your brush, for example 1 = 10%, 2 = 20%, all the way up to 0 = 100% brush opacity.
  • CMD 0: Zooms in or out to display the image within the screen.
Well thats all for now, i may expand this further later, but this pretty much covers it for what i use while digitally painting in Photoshop.

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Facebook Graffiti is fun!

Noisy asshole neighbours kept me up awake all last night, so while i couldn't sleep i decided to draw something for my mate Toby whose just gone to Japan for a holiday (dammit, i wanna go back!!!) , i did this on his facebook graffiti wall:

The other three images are just other random images i've done on that app, it's kinda crappy, but watching the replay and seeing your image come together is pimp, well i like it anyway...

In other Bboy related news, Jamie (aka: Bboy Shoulderlegs) taught me slow Halos, it's fucking hard son (in fact i only managed one at the end of the session), but i'm enjoying it, when i next see Toby me and him are going to have a slow halo battle, who will last the longest!?!?!?! haha.

Also, check out Jonathan Coulton, this guy is good.

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