Thursday, 7 August 2008

Facebook Graffiti is fun!

Noisy asshole neighbours kept me up awake all last night, so while i couldn't sleep i decided to draw something for my mate Toby whose just gone to Japan for a holiday (dammit, i wanna go back!!!) , i did this on his facebook graffiti wall:

The other three images are just other random images i've done on that app, it's kinda crappy, but watching the replay and seeing your image come together is pimp, well i like it anyway...

In other Bboy related news, Jamie (aka: Bboy Shoulderlegs) taught me slow Halos, it's fucking hard son (in fact i only managed one at the end of the session), but i'm enjoying it, when i next see Toby me and him are going to have a slow halo battle, who will last the longest!?!?!?! haha.

Also, check out Jonathan Coulton, this guy is good.

Thats it for now, gotta get back to web designing!

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